A Study of Correlation between Middle Finger Length and Height in a Tribal District Population of India

Rahule AS1,Shekhar Rao B2*,Mohd Saleem3,Mohammed Shakeel Mohammed Bashir4*,
Ajay Khade5*,MD Irfanuddin6*,Phani Chandra Y7*

Associate Professor GMC Nagpur1, Assistant Professor2, Lecturer NKPSIMS3, Associate Professor4,
Professor5, Tutor6, MBBS Student7, RIMS Adilabad*


Background:Determination of stature is an important parameter of personal identification of an individual. Moreover, there can be anthropometric variations in different geographical areas. The present study was planned to evaluate the correlation between middle finger length and stature of a tribal district population of India so that a formula can be derived for estimation of height for this tribal district population. Materials and Methods: A total of 100 subjects, 23 male and 77 female were included in the study. Middle finger length was measured using sliding caliper from the most proximal flexion crease till the projecting point on the tip of the finger. The stature was measured from vertex to floor where both foots were kept parallel to each other. Regression equations obtained from the data using SPSS software. Results: The mean observed stature of males was 169.97 cm and mean of the middle finger length was 7.92 cm. Pearson correlation coefficient 0.457 in male was highly significant. In females observed mean stature was 154.20 cm and mean finger length was 7.30. Calculated Pearson correlation coefficient 0.636 in females was also highly significant. The predictive stature observed in male was 169.97 cm with 2.61 as standard deviation while it was 154.20 cm in females with 4.55 as standard deviation. Conclusion: In the studied population middle finger length and stature among males and females have good correlation. The obtained regression equations can be used for estimation of stature of this regional population.

Keywords:Anthropometry, Middle finger, Stature
Address for correspondence:Dr. AS Rahule, Associate Professor of Anatomy, GMC Nagpur,rahuleanil@yahoo.co.in