Hepatitis Awareness Assessment in Nursing Staff of a Tribal District Hospital of South India

Rajhans K Nagarkar1,Mohammed Shakeel Mohammed Bashir2,Ajay Khade3,Pramod Kumar V4,Tarjani N5,Mohd Saleem6

Assistant Professor1, Associate Professor2, Professor3, MBBS Student4, RIMS Adilabad5, Lecturer NKPSIMS6


Background:The study was carried out to know the knowledge and attitudes towards Hepatitis B patients and factors influencing patient care among nurses in a tribal district hospital since nurses are responsible for constant care of patients and they should completely aware of every aspect of viral hepatitis. Materials and Methods: A pre-designed questionnaire with 20 questions pertaining to knowledge and awareness about Hepatitis B and attitude towards care was given to the nurses 96 nurses of the tribal district. Result: Staff nurses of the region have mixed level of understanding regarding Hepatitis B. But most of them want to upgrade their knowledge and have keen interest for further training. Conclusion: The awareness and training regarding Hepatitis is urgent need of hour for the nursing staff of the region.

Keywords :Awareness about hepatitis, Hepatitis, Nursing staff
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