Knowledge and Awareness about HIV/AIDS among Nursing Staff of a Tribal District Hospital of South India

Rajhans K Nagarkar 1, Mohammed Shakeel Mohammed Bashir 2, Ajay Khade 3, Madhurya R 4, Sheethal A 5,
Shyam Sunder 6, Mohd Saleem 7

Assistant Professor 1, Associate Professor 2, Professor 3, MBBS Student 4,5,6, RIMS Adilabad, Lecturer NKPSIMS 7


Background: Nursing staff play very important role in looking after the diagnostic needs, therapeutic help and psychological support of the HIV/AIDS patients. So it is very important that the nursing staff should have complete awareness about HIV infection. The present study was conducted to assess the level of correct knowledge and awareness amongst the nursing staff of the tribal district about HIV/AIDS and attitudes towards the care of such cases. Materials and Methods: A total of 94 nurses included in the study and a pre-designed, pre-tested and self-administered questionnaire which contains questions regarding knowledge and awareness about HIV infection/AIDS and attitude towards care of such patients was given to them. Result: Most of the nursing staff has some kind of awareness about HIV infection. But there are few misconceptions regarding HIV/AIDS. Majority of the nurses 89 (94.69%) are interested for further education and training about HIV/AIDS. 21 (22.34%) nurses want a right to refuse to care for HIV/AIDS patients but 62 (65.96%) feel proud to provide nursing care to such patients. Conclusion: We suggest that regular and repeated training programs are needed to correct few wrong concepts of nursing staff. Such programs will be highly effective since the nurses are already motivated for such types of program.

Keywords : AIDS, HIV infection, Nursing staff

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