J Cont Med A Dent. 2014 Jan-Apr; 2(1): 4-7.


Mineral Trioxide Aggregate (MTA) ‘A versatile Endodontic Material’

Neetu Kharat1Mohd Inayatulla Khan2Anuroop Singhai3Ashtosh Dutt4

Dept of Conservative & Endodontics 1, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery 3,4 RKDF Dental College Bhopal 1,3,4,
Dept of Physiology RIMS Adilabad 2


Mineral Trioxide Aggregate (MTA) has become such an important material in armamentarium of endodontic practice that at present it is virtually inseparable from endodontics. MTA was introduced in 1993 with original intent to use mainly for perforation repair. MTA is derived from Portland cement it is composed mainly of Tricalcium silicate and Dicalcium silicate. However because of its superior physicochemical characteristics such as, low shrinkage and good sealing ability, its use gradually expanded in the endodontic practice. Its use ranges from pulpotomy in primary teeth, vital pulp capping agent in permanent teeth, to root end fillings, perforation, as well as repair material in tooth resorption and apexifications. This review article explores scope of MTA in endodontic practice.
Key words: Endodontics, MTA: Mineral Trioxide Aggregate

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