J Cont Med A Dent. 2014 Jan-Apr; 2(1): 18-22.


Prevalence of Syphilis, Gonococcal and Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Infection- A Study in a Tertiary Care Centre of Vidarbha Region of India

Wanjare VS 1 , Qazi MS 2 , Rahule AS 3 , Wanjare SW 4 , Mahto LO 5 , Tambe SV 6

Assistant Professor of Microbiology 1 , Professor of Microbiology 2 , Associate Professor of Anatomy 3,5 , Assistant Professor of Anatomy 6 , GMC Nagpur, 4 Associate Professor of Microbiology, Seth GS Medical College Mumbai


Background:Sexually transmitted diseases (STD) are an important public health problem because of their health, social and economic consequences. Situation of STDs in India is like tip of iceberg. Hence the present study was planned to know the prevalence of syphilis, gonococcal and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection in Vidarbha region of India which is a central part of country.Materials and Methods:400 patients attending sexually transmitted disease clinic of Indira Gandhi Medical College and Hospital Nagpur, Vidarbha having urogenital complaints and suspected of having sexually transmitted disease were randomly selected and divided kept into 2 groups. Group I comprised patients with genital ulcers and symptoms and signs of secondary syphilis while in group II patients with genital discharge and scrotal pain and swelling were kept.Results:Age group between 25 - 35 years is commonly affected with male to female ratio of 5.25:1. These are associated with high risk factors like contact with commercial sex workers (CSW) and heterosexuality. STDs found in decreasing order are Syphilis, Chancroid, Gonorrhoea, Candidiasis, Trichomoniasis and Granuloma inguinale. HIV seropositivity is also found high (7%).Conclusion:STDs continue to cause significant morbidity in this region. Commonest presentation is genital ulcer followed by genital discharge. There is a need of programs with an integrated approach, inducing behavioral change, promoting condom use and controlling STDs which may reduce the STDs and HIV infection in this region
Keywords:Genital ulcer, STD, Syphilis

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Dr. Varsha B. Nagdeve
Assistant Professor of Microbiology, Government Medical College, Nagpur,rahuleanil@yahoo.co.in