J Cont Med A Dent. 2014 Jan-Apr; 2(1): 27-32.


Adverse Drug Reaction Profile of Drugs Used in Patients Suffering from Respiratory Disorders in a Tertiary Care Centre of Hyderabad India

Aleemuddin NM 1 , Farahbahmed 2, Mohammed Shakeel Mohammed Bashir 3, Aamir Ali 2 , Salma Khatoon 5,
Md Mohib Hussain 6, Afshan Khatoon 7

1 Associate Professor of Pulmonology, Deccan college of Medical Sciences
2 Assistant Professor of Physiology, Deccan college of Medical Sciences
3 Associate Professor of Pharmacology, RIMS Adilabad
4 Assistant Professor of Pharmacy, Deccan School of Pharmacy
5 Tutor in Pulmonology, Deccan college of Medical Sciences
6 Postgraduate in Anaesthesia, Deccan college of Medical Sciences
7 Tutor in Pulmonology Deccan college of Medical Science


Objectives: Adverse drug reactions (ADRs) represent a sizeable part of overall medical expenses. Pattern of ADR can be different in various geographical areas. Hence the present study was conducted to know the pattern of ADRs due to various drugs used in the management of number respiratory disorders affecting the population of South India. Material and Methods: Adverse Drug Reactions (ADR) of a total of 152 patients of tuberculosis and chest department of Deccan College of Medical Sciences, Hyderabad, India who were suffering from various respiratory disorders recorded and treated by respective physician. Suspected drug for the ADR was identified. Results: Total number of drugs prescribed in all the 152 patients was 2246 and average number of drugs per patient was 14.78. 80 adverse drug events were observed in 49 patients. Commonest ADRs were constipation and restlessness (7 event) each followed by hyperglycemia, insomnia, nausea and vomiting (6, 7.5%) each were observed. Most of the adverse drug reactions were observed with Theophylline as it was responsible for 32 events when 133 times administered to patients. Conclusion: Theophylline has adverse drug reaction probability more in comparison to other drugs which are used in respiratory disorders. Hepatitis is serious ADR which can occur with the use of anti tubercular drugs. Number of drugs per prescription should be decreased but without compromising the disease management protocol.
Key words: ADR, Drug prescription, Respiratory disorders

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