J Cont Med A Dent. 2014 Jan-Apr; 2(1): 40-42.


Carcinosarcoma – Rare Presentation

Sridhar Reddy R 1, Ramalakshim PVB 2

Assistant Professor of Pathology, RIMS Adilabad1, Professor & Head of Pathology, MIMS Vijayanagram2 A.P. India.


Carcinosarcoma is a rare biphasic neoplasm, with distinct malignant epithelial and mesenchymal components. Most of the patients with carcinosarcoma are elderly males. It has aggressive malignant potential with poor prognosis. Here we present unusual case of Carcinosarcoma (Primary/Metastatic) arising in 45 years old male and presented as large localized mass in the left loin region. Distinction from whether it is primary or secondary could not be done because patient did not turn up even for the report.
Key words: Carcinosarcoma, Biphasic neoplasm, Localized mass

Address for correspondence: Dr. Sridhar Reddy R, Department of Pathology, RIMS Adilabad, A.P. India. Email : rdd.sridhar@gmail.com