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J Cont Med A Dent September - December 2017 Volume 5 Issue 3


1   Immediate Vs Conventional Loading of Implants in Edentulous Patients A Comparison
Elvinas Juzikis, Henrikas Rusilas
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P 04-10

2   The Art of Writing a Scientific Research Paper - A Guide to Beginners
Jaanavi Dedhia, Esha Mukherjee, Niyati Mehta, Ajinkya M Pawar
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P 11-18

3 Odontogenic Maxillary Sinusitis: An Underestimated Disease
Henrikas Rusilas, Elvinas Juzikis
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P 19-22


4  Lipid Profile Changes in Young Pregnant Females with Low-Socioeconomic Status in Nanded, Maharashtra
Tanajee Zade, M Sujata Narayanrao
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P 23-28

5  Spectrum of Lesions in Hysterectomy Specimens and their Preoperative Correlation
Khunte VP, Kulkarni V, Gahine R, Indoria CS
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P 29-33

6  Antibiotic Abuse among Population of Southern Ethiopia Due to Self-Medication for Treating Dental Problems and Its Potential for Developing Super Bugs
Sudheer Arunachalam, Lalitha Srivalli
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P 34-36

7  Catechins- Periodontal Health Booster
Amitha Ramesh, Shrimaa Kateel, Sajna HR, Madhur
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P 37-40

8  An Observational Study of the Surgical Site Wound Infection
Dilip Padmakar Sambus, Sheetal Sarang Patil
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P 41-43

9  Prescription Pattern of Corticosteroids in Dermatology Cases in a Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital
Kalyyani Deenadayalan, Pushpalatha Chinnam, Sam Pavan Kumar G
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P 44-48


10  Tongue Tie: Successful Management Using Diode Laser
Ankita Khandelwal, Amitha Ramesh
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P 49-51