ISSN-Print-2347-4513, Online-2349-0799

ISSN-Print-2347-4513, Online-2349-0799



Nanomedicine and its role in Ophthalmology

Idris Akbani, M Shakeel M Bashir
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Paracetamol Toxicity: A Review

UB Ghaffar & Naser Ashraf Tadvi
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A Comparative Evaluation od Fracture Resistance of Endodontically Treated Teeth Restored by Glass fibre Post System and Zirconia Post- An in vitro Study

Dayal C, Dhingra A, Bhardwaj N, Singh A, Rohilla S, Nidhi
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Evaluation of Effect of Kegel Exercise for the Management of Stress Incontinence in Women of Gujrat, India

Neela Soni, Anil Rahule, Varsha Sagdeo
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In Vitro Effect of Iron Salts on Peristaltic Activity of Goat Ureter

Mahajan HM, Borkar AS, Lote VB
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Role of Dopamine in Antiepileptic Action of Phenytoin

Tanveer Ahmad Khan, Wali Mohommad Momin, AG Phadke
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Effect of Increasing BMI on Routine Semen Parameters in Young Adult Males

Waghmare VS, Jiwane R, Sadawarte SK, Gajbhiye V, Rahule AS
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Comparison of Antinociceptive activity of Fluoxetine with Morphine in Albino Rats

Sarasija V, A Uma, Y Venkatrao
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Utility of Transthoracic Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology in Diagnosis of Pulmonary Lesion

Kulkarni Vishal, Menghani Rakesh, Bhake Arvind
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Pattern of Antidiabetic Drugs used in Outpatient and Hospitalized Patients in a Tertiary Health Institute of Central India

Dashputra AV, Badwaik RT, Borkar AS, Date AP, Kalnawat NR
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Prevalence and Antibiotic Susceptibility Patterns of Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus- A study in a tertiary care centre of Chhattisgarh of India

Animesh Panda, Madhuri Agnihotri, Anil Rahule
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Analysis of Pattern of Antimicrobial use in Respiratory Tract Infections in a Tertiary Care Hospital of Central India- A Drug Utilization Study

Mahajan HM, Date AP, Badwaik RT, Borkar AS, Wanmali SS, Gohad GV
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Evaluation of Self-Medication Practice among Tribal District Students of South India

Tanveer A Khan, Mohammed Tajuddin, Shiva K Rao Tavrekar, Srinivas Kondal, Sravan Kumar
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Evaluation of Knowledge, Attitude, Practice of Rational use of Medicine among Residents in a Tertiary Care Hospital of Central India

Dudhe BG, Mahajan HM, Badwaik RT, Bhosale RA
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Impact of targeted intervention on HIV in female sex workers in Nagpur district of India

Dilip Gedam, Sarfaraz Ahmad
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Axillopectoral Muscle- A Unilateral Musculotendinoud Arch

Jiwane SS, Gajbhiye V, Rahule AS
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Cardiovascular Collapse Following Intramyometrial Injection of Prostaglandin

Basheer A Khan, Vijaya Rekha, Murtuza Khan, Syed Asrar Hussain, Md Mohib Hussain, Aleemuddin NM
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