ISSN-Print-2347-4513, Online-2349-0799

ISSN-Print-2347-4513, Online-2349-0799



Biphosphonates Related Osteonecrosis: Prevention and Treatment Possibilities

Henrikas Rusilas, Andrius Geguûis, Albinas Gervickas
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Lipid Profile and Periodontitis

CS Prabhahar, Ramya Kumari
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Wound Closure-Alternatives to Sutures

Sajna HR, Amitha Ramesh
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An Epidemiological Study of Bacterial Isolates from Oral Cavity of Medical Students and its Antimicrobial Resistance Pattern

Mohd Saleem, S.M.A. Shahid, Mohd Adnan Kausar, Mohammed Qumani Ahmed, Abdul Rahman Ali, AbdulRahman AlSogair, Abdulaziz Ayed Abed Alrashidi, Abdullah Abdulhadi Hammad Alharbi, Ali Dawood Mohammad Almansour
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Case Study on the Complications of Diabetes- Awareness

Abrar Ali, Abdul Hameed Siddiue, S.M.A. Shahid, Mohammed Qumani Ahmed, Meshari Sulaiman alsuwaydaa, Ziyad Ali Salem Alosayfir, Ahmed Ibrahim Naji Alharbi, Mohannad Yousef Jarallah Aljarallah, Mohammad Abdullah Tarish Alharbi, Meznah Saud Abdoulaziz Aldulaim
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A Study on Various Effects of Internet and Selfie dependence among Undergraduate Medical Students

Aswan Gaddala, Hari Kumar, K J Rajamouli, Chinnam Pusphalatha
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Treatment of Medial Compartment Osteoarthritis Knee Using Medial Open Wedge High Tibial Osteotomy Combined with Knee Arthroscopy: A 3 Year Follow-Up Study

P Ramesh, Sandeep Jadhav
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A Retrospective Analysis of Management of Tuberculosis of Spine in a Tertiary Care Hospital

Prashant N Gedam, Prathamesh Kane
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A Retrospective Analysis of Patients Undergoing Total Knee Replacement Using Knee Society Score

Naushad Hussain AR, Prathamesh Kane, Sandeep Kumar
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A Comparative Study of Proximal Femoral Nail versus Dynamic Hip Screw Fixation for Unstable and Complex Intertrochanteric Fractures of the Femur

Naushad Hussain AR, Sanil G Kamat
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Prevalence of Asymptomatic Bacteriuria in Pregnant Women in a Tertiary Care Hospital at Akola

Pallavi Giri, Nitin A Ambhore, Dilip Gedam, Rupali Mantri, R.P. Karyakarte
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Clinical Profile of Alcoholic Patients Admitted in Medical Wards or Medical Intensive Care Unit in a Tertiary Care Hospital

Chaoji S, Humaney N
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Effectiveness of Pre Procedural Rinse with Chlorhexidine and Povidone-Iodine in Preventing Bio Aerosol Contamination during Ultrasonic Scaling ñ A Clinical and Microbilogical Study

Sheema Tasneem M, S.S.V Prasad, B.V.V Srinivas, K. Anil Kumar, R K Yadav
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Functional Outcome of Plating versus Nailing in Adult Midshaft Radius-Ulna Fractures

Ashish Agarwal, Prashant N. Gedam, Hiren B Patel, Rajendra Phunde, Anuj Bharuka
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Evaluation of Functional Outcome in Patients with Tibial Plateau Factures using Minimally Invasive Techniques with or without Calcium Hydroxyapetite Blocks

Ashish Agarwal, Prashant N. Gedam, Anuj D Bharuka, Rajendra Phunde, Hiren B Patel
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An Uncommon Case of Pyogenic Granuloma- Buccal Mucosa of Male

Tarona Azem Subba, Amitha Ramesh, Biju Thomas
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Hemisection of Mandibular Molar: Hopeless to Hoping

Mridusmita Mukherjee, Mohamed Riyas AB
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Aberrent Renal Artery: A Case Report

Purvi Mishra, Deepali Onkar
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Periodontal Management of Inadequate Interocclusal Edentulous Space-A Case Report

Ranjit Kumar Yadav, B.V.V. Srinivas, S.S.V. Prasad, K. Anil Kumar, N. Anwesh Reddy, D. Vijaya Lakshmi
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Pre Prosthetic Crown Preparation with Apically Repositioned Flap ñ A Case Report

D. Vijaya Lakshmi, B.V.V. Srinivas, S.S.V. Prasad, K. Anil Kumar, N. Anwesh Reddy, Sheema Tasneem
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