ISSN-Print-2347-4513, Online-2349-0799

ISSN-Print-2347-4513, Online-2349-0799



Button hole, Single stitch, Non-laparoscopic Appendectomy in a Tribal District Hospital, Advantage over Laparoscopy

K Ashok, K Rashmi, Goveen M, V Pramod Kumar
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Oral submucous fibrosis and iron deficiency anemia: A clinical study

Ahire Sushil Lamlakar, Rajole Mahendra Parashram
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Prevalence of Chlamydia Trachomatis infection in women with Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, Mucopurulent Cervicitis and Infertility in Hyderabad

BM Shankar Venkatesh, N.Vivekanand, Rajeshwar Rao
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A Study of Incidence and Prevalence of Facial Fracture associated with Fracture of Upper or Lower Limbs

Padmakar Premchand, Amol Kashinath Dange
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Comparative study of efficacy and tolerability of Olmesartan with Ramipril in Type II diabetic and hypertensive Patients

Jaya Babu Nagula, Mohd Rasheeduddin, Laxman Reddy Nadithe, Ravi Shankar Bhairi
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Study of Lipid Profile in patients with Diabetes Mellitus

Rajole Mahendra Parashram, Ahire Sushil Lamlakar
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Knowledge and Attitude of paramedical staff and hospital support staff regarding Hospital infection control

Sunita R Bhandari, Sanjeev Vinayak Rairikar
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Knowledge and attitude of paramedical staff and hospital support staff towards HIV infection

Sanjeev Vinayak Rairikar, Sunita R Bhandari
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Survey of presence of Hernia and Hydrocele among school children in Nasik

Thorat Sukdeo Lingaji, Sambhus Dilip P
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Knowledge, attitude and practice of General Medical Practitioners and Nursing professionals regarding osteoporosis

Amol Kashinath Dange, Padmakar Premchand
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Effect of yoga on Free radical and Antioxidant status in Healthy Adults

Mahalakshmamma Vandavasi, Puli Sreehari, Chintala Durga Sukumar
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Correlation of Serum Leptin levels with Body Mass Index and Gender

Khan Tabassum Tanvir, Mohd Muzaffer Ali Khan, Mohd Inayatulla Khan
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Knowledge and attitude of Medical Students and nurses towards Organ Donation

Sambhus Dilip P, Thorat Sukdeo Lingaji
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Evaluation of Diuretic Activity of Ethanolic Extracts of Cucurbita Maxima in Rats

Shakira Fathima Syeda, Sam Pavan Kumar G, Md Mohsin, Pushpalatha C
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Watcher’s type of Palmoplantar Keratoderma

Manjeet N Ramteke, Ratnakar R Kamath
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Regenerative Potential of Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) Along With Bio-Gen® Putty in the Treatment of Periodontal Intrabony Defect– A Case Report

Sravani Gompa, Trinath Kishore D, K Raja V Murthy
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Pyogenic Granuloma: A Case Report

Roshni Jaiswal, Amitha Ramesh
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